Targeted Headhunting

Is a recruitment service addressed to the customers expecting a search for candidates in a very specific area of ​​the market.

Targeted headhunting process is characterized by a narrower area of ​​research in relation to the classical process of executive search. This is possible thanks to the precise determination of the source of candidates by building, together with the client, customized target lists.

Thanks to narrowing of the number of contacts, the process is achieved in a shorter time than the standard executive search operation. It comprises the following steps:

  • preparation of the search strategy together with the client – developing a target list and profile of the candidate
  • identification and reaching of the potential candidates
  • verification of personal and professional profiles
  • preparation of individual reports and summary of the process

BIGRAM Management & Investment affiliated in the IIC Partners network, pays a lot of attention to high transparency of its activities, and good contact with the client during the project. Therefore, we report the results of our work on a weekly basis, allowing to monitor the progres.