Taking into account the anticipated permanent increase in demand for power and energy, the global energy sector will grow at a rate of approx. 1% per year. Changes in the conventional power sector are accompanied by a dynamic development of renewable energy, which should contribute to achieving its approx. 20% share in energy production by 2040. Continuing search for efficiency as well as the need for enormous investments in productive assets are causing constant demand for qualified managers in almost all segments of the market.

In this sector, we cooperate with organizations representing participants of the market such as:

  • Manufacturers of energy (renewable energy and conventional)
  • Companies engaged in distribution and trading of electricity
  • General contractors and developers of energy projects,
  • Firms engaged in the exploration and exploitation of mineral deposits.

We build our knowledge and expertise in the energy sector both on the Polish, as well as international market. The Polish IIC Partners office is actively involved in the work of the energy sector. Knowledge of the characteristics of change and local realities, many years of experience of our consultants and access to an international network of contacts make us able to realize even the most complex projects.

As a part of existing cooperation with our customers, we have completed many projects, among others: President, Vice President, Business Development Vice President, Investment and Strategy Director, Deputy Director of the Department of the Treasury, Technical Director, Director of the Department of Computer Science, Development of Intelligent Network Department Manager.